From Venice to the Valdichiana: from the union of two lands steeped in history comes Agricola San Giobbe.

The tradition continues

Set up in Venice in 2014, Agricola San Giobbe is part of the group of companies headed by Umana S.p.a..

We want to continue the ancient tradition of Chianina cattle farming in their native land, in respect of the landscape, the animals and the people.

We intend to put the primary sector back at the centre of attention, building a deep-rooted bond between region, traditions and sustainable economy. We stimulate innovation, cooperation and the development of farms and rural areas, valorising the role of producers, workers and consumers in the farming and food sectors.

The “short supply chain” policy enables us to offer those who, like us, care about safeguarding our planet and the health of its inhabitants healthy controlled meat produced with an ever shorter supply chain from the farmer to the local area.

Why San Giobbe?

The name San Giobbe is a direct link between the Valdichiana area and Venice.

A well-known part of Venice’s Cannaregio district, today home of Ca’ Foscari University’s Economics Department, San Giobbe was once famous as one of Europe’s most important abattoirs.

Founded in the early 19th century in an outlying area dedicated to trade, it became a point of reference for both meat production and employment possibilities, including for women.

The valorisation of professionalism and talent, a principle inspired by the past, today finds continuity and maximum expression in our Group.

Our Mission

Agricola San Giobbe produces and sells pure Chianina and Limousin beef. Our aim is to produce top quality, healthy meat, controlled during every stage of the production process.

We have chosen to promote the Chianina breed as ambassador of a land steeped in history and tradition. Breeding Chianina cattle means reviving a historic memory dating back to the Roman Empire when “white bulls” accompanied the triumphs of the Caesars and sacred ceremonies.

Building a deep-rooted bond between the economy, landscape and traditions means putting the primary sector back at the centre of attention.

San Giobbe’s primary objectives are:

  • Closed cycle” farming, without introducing animals from outside for sale and without buying in raw materials in addition to those produced on our farm.
  • A cattle farm and products based on the principle of the “short supply chain” and therefore controlled, reducing the number of commercial transactions between the farmer and end consumer to a minimum.
  • The sale of beef traceable during all stages of the production process and certified according to the highest quality standards laid down in European and international regulations.
  • Respect for animal welfare.
  • Eco-sustainability and respect for the animals, environment and workers.
  • Safeguarding of the precious ecosystem and biodiversity.
  • Creation of new standards of healthiness, taste and tenderness for everyone wanting to embrace the fruit of great commitment and passion.


As demonstrated by the saint which inspired our name, it takes unswerving patience to achieve genuine quality.