The story of the Limousin goes back a very long way, as proven by the cave paintings in the Lascaux caves near Montignac (France), showing that the Limousin was already known and appreciated.

The breed originated in the Limousin, the French province of Limoges, an area with a difficult climate, where hot summers are followed by harsh winters and abundant precipitation.

Thanks to the animal’s great adaptability, it is bred in numerous other European countries.

We are enthusiastic supporters of this splendid phenotype and our farm provides fertile ground for further improving the organoleptic characteristics of the beef.


The Limousin has a distinctive bright wheat-coloured coat, lighter on the belly and around the anus and with a pigment-free area around the eyes and muzzle.

The medium-length horns are lighter coloured and curved forwards and the mucous membranes are pink and without pigmentation.

Robust, vigorous and rustic, their main virtues are adaptability and resistance.

These already exceptional traits, further enhanced by a specific diet and raising in open pens make our Limousins the perfect choice for everyone wanting a tasty, genuine, healthy product.

We pay the same attention to them as to their “white cousins” as we are convinced that they can produce excellent beef given the right specific treatment.

Did you know that…?

The Italian word “Mucca” (cow) is none other than a technical term consisting in the simple contraction of the two words MUggire (to moo) and vaCCA (cow).